Best selling and most popular Hypnosis Nail Biting app….Achieved ranking of 101 in UK Health and Fitness Category!!

Do you bite your nails or chew the skin around your nails or maybe you do both?
Would you like to stop nail biting and put an end to your unsightly finger nails? Would you like nails and hands to be proud of and the confidence that goes with stopping nail biting?

This app can help you to start changing your unwanted nail biting habit today!
Your nail biting habit is a way for you to relieve stress and tension. You have probably noticed that at times of stress you bite your nails more. You do this as a way of relieving your stress or anxiety. The hypnotherapy recordings on this app will help re-programme your unconscious mind and help you to deal with your stress and anxiety in a different way and break your unwanted, unhygienic, unsightly habit of nail biting.

Just imagine how good you will feel when you look down at your hands and see your beautifully groomed fingernails… you’ll be more confident about people seeing your hands and fingers both in social and professional situations.

Even if your nail biting is a lifelong habit you can be certain that this app can help you change it!

This app contains:

• Hypnosis audio in a choice of male or female voice
• A photo diary to record your progress and success
• Top tips to help you combat your nail biting habit


I downloaded your “stop nail biting” app on my iPhone a couple of months ago, and I just wanted to say Thank you so much for creating this app.
I could only ever describe my biting as incessant, but with the help of your app I have finally been able to stop and am now being asked of my nails are fake.
So thank you again, I have attached pictures below to show just how far I have come.